Isabella stefanelli / イザベラステファネリ Season XIV "un po'_a little"

Isabella stefanelli / イザベラステファネリ Season XIV "un po'_a little"


Season XIV "un po'_a little"
Light Collection
New in.

Bomber/ Jack Stirpe

Jk/ Virginia JK

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so, un po'

a little is what I love, 
do you want some? un po' grazie
un po' is what we have
un po' of this and that is what we can afford and experiment in full 
it came out of the little collection I can make, you said a small one
I can do a small one, un po'
un po' is beautiful , it can be done un po'
if we have a little smile we are pleased
if we make a little effort we can do it
un po' we can do un po'
un po' makes me free and having un po we can spread little pieces here and there
like un po' matta, un po pazza, the mannequin is trying to reach the plant that it came out of fabric and have a chat with her, the mannequin is light and jumping with un po' in his mind
a scent, a breeze its un po'
we have a little and we can do with a little
a little love
un po'